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It was delicious, and ensured that most of our group snoozed through the two-hour ride back to the ship.

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Our second excursion was shorter -- four hours -- and just a minute drive from our ship to the Old Port area of Marseilles, France. We took a short walk to a tai chi studio, where we were ordered by Pedro, the impish instructor, to set aside our shoes and cellphones to "become like children. Seated on mats, we followed his moves through a number of exercises to discover our chi energy.

One involved lying on our backs and yanking one wrist up in the air, then letting go, until our shoulders made a " plouf! After several more exercises, when we held our hands a couple of feet apart, we actually did feel a force between them. Most of our fellow participants had the same reaction.

At that point Pedro thoroughly won us over. The remainder of this excursion unfolded on the large, grassy lawn of the Pharo Palace, built for the Empress Eugenie wife of Napoleon III , who never even had the good grace to visit it.

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  6. There was a marvelous view over the Old Port, the Marseilles skyline and the mountains beyond. Barefoot on the lawn, we practiced shifting our weight as we slowly moved our arms. Touch the mountains! Take energy from the church up there!

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    Why not?! I think my chi melted. As we bid farewell to Pedro after the three and a half hours of tai chi and qigong another practice that works with energy , he left us with this advice: "Don't forget the child inside of you!

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    Part two of every wellness excursion unfolds in the ship's Canyon Ranch spa. We were only able to try one of the treatments, but found that it made a wonderful same-day combination with our tai chi class. We reported to the spa that evening for the "Tangle Me Up Organic Body Wrap," which included body-brushing, an algae wrap and a blissful face-and-head massage. Once we showered-off the icky but detoxing algae, the therapist massaged lotion into our arms, legs and torso. This novel is purely a work of fiction.

    Names, characters, places and incidents described are solely the result of the author's overactive imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual real companies, products, events or people; living, dead, or undead is a coincidence. In other words, chill out and don't get your panties in a wad if you see a name that you recognize. As I rewrite this introduction, yet again, it is the 13th day of August A printed edition, really? I can easily imagine many folks are thinking. Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park was my first attempt at trying to transfer the many disturbing thoughts, from the hunk of meat stewing inside my skull, into something resembling a novel.

    While it has met with a great deal of success, many readers have quite rightly poked their accusatory fingers at numerous grammatical problems contained herein- principally commas placed in weird locations or missing entirely where they should be.

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    Bebb didn't put a comma here or there, so why did I get a D on my English Composition? Language: English. Published: June 30, What could be worse than struggling to survive in a world where hungry undead and murderous villains seek to bring death or something much worse to the living.

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    George Burns is a something young man on a quest to save the innocent, himself and very possibly his soul, and is about to discover precisely what could be worse. What the Keck!? Published: September 26, Welcome aboard the Haitian Princess! Don't worry about that Hurricane Barbara churning out in the Atlantic. We probably won't even see a cloud.

    Our Experience

    The Haitian Princess is a state of the art craft so just relax and have fun! Bon Voyage! Words: 91, Published: January 12, This is a collection of short, and some not so short, stories that involve the undead as well as a wide variety of very unpleasant things. Published: October 8, Prisons are sad places where hopes and dreams of a well-spent life either die or are put on hold for a very long time.

    Bayonne Prison, near the Southern Louisiana swamplands, was such a place. Then the undead arose with a vengeance and hunger for the living.