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A minister at Holy Trinity Church in Brompton, London, was looking for a way to present the basic principles of the Christian faith to new members. They were just there to learn more. A bell sounded. He realized how this simple course in basic Christianity had become a tool for evangelism. So, he went to work, streamlining the course, developing a simple format consisting of supper, a brief talk on a subject of common interest, followed by small group discussion.

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus!”

As the numbers grew, he trained leaders to lead the small groups. He was emphatic — no question would be treated as too trivial, threatening or illogical.

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  3. The only way to know God is to see—to really know and experience—the person of Jesus Christ..
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  5. "Sir, we wish to see Jesus!".
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Every question would be addressed courteously and thoughtfully, and no one would be pestered if he chose not to come back. Today, there are Alpha courses popping up all over the world. On their web site, alphacourse. Unlike the rabbis of his time, he taught as one with authority. He broke the rules of social convention and ate with tax collectors and sinners. He deferred to no one, not even Herod.

“Sir, We Wish to See Jesus…” (John 12:21)

He dared to touch lepers and walk among Gentiles. He had compassion for the poor; yet, showed no contempt for the wealthy. He put down the religious leaders for their false piety and, by contrast, held a child in his arms and said,. He always seemed to know the right thing to say. When the Pharisees tried to trip him up, he saw right through them.

We Want to See Jesus Lifted High

For example, they handed him a coin and asked him whether they ought to pay taxes to Caesar. But he knew what they were up to, and so he said,. He always knew what to say; he always knew what to do. They wanted to know what he thought they should do to her. I love you and commit myself to you entirely, knowing you could never let me down or deceive me.

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus!”

Thank you for giving me your very self. Petition: Lord, help me hear your word and do it. There are bound to be obstacles along the way, and we have to be prepared for them. The world also attempts to keep us as far from God as possible, offering a thousand distractions and amusements to lead us away from prayer, reflection and conversion.

And of course sometimes we ourselves are so little inclined to piety, service to others and a virtuous life. Laziness and indolence can overcome even the best of us. We need to let him know we are seeking him. Jesus Rejects His Closest Friends?

'We wish to see Jesus' – Anglican Journal

What counts for Jesus are "those who listen to the word of God and do it. And contrary to the first impression given by his words, this does not exclude his mother and his relatives. Conversation with Christ: Lord, I want to see your face in all the events and happenings of this day. Can they see in this little household of faith a joyous proclaiming of the gospel, not only within the beauty of the liturgy, but in the neighbourhood in which we are set?

Can they see Jesus in our attentiveness to the poor, in our work for justice, in our care for the Earth? In this very spirit, I will in coming months be inviting Anglicans across Canada into a time of heart-to-heart conversations about our life in Jesus and our work in his name. Everyone will have opportunity to be engaged. Stay tuned….

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