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In addition, please read our Privacy Policy , which has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, One of the best food TV shows ever is beyond compare, even after a 7-year hiatus. Every week, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad.

Our Best Bacon Recipes

It will always be interesting. You can read the archives here. Does this sound like a complaint? I mean it as a compliment. I love Good Eats. I loved it in its first 14 seasons which ran from to I loved its handful of specials. I even loved its Reloaded version, which updated the original with scenes and bits featuring newer information and cooking techniques.

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Again, I mean this as a compliment, but your mileage may vary. You might even find him actively annoying. But you know what? Welcome home, TV dad! Here on Long Island Friday we had another snow day on the first day of Spring. What to make? My son and his girlfriend were taking the train out from the city, late…we were all tired and cranky after a week of work and Hw..

Good Eats: The Return: Alton Brown’s show is back - Vox

And the thought of five more inches of an endless winter of snow…. Can I tell you about the happiness at our dining room table Friday night when we were eating and laughing by candlelight to your glorious, hearty, comfy meal? My teenage daughter and her friend scoffed it up with recommended by you! Mel, I am so impressed with this website, your receipes and also also all about you.

I found your website looking for a receipe for the Brazilian cheese ball things having had them about 15 years ago in Brazil and now I am hooked. We have just cooked the classic tomato soup which was also yum. Your theories around trying to limit the processed stuff and cooking for the kids go hand in hand with mine. I am hooked!

I find it hard to find time to cook but I have a great incentive now. Great website. I wish you and your great looking family a Happy Thanksgiving. Mark Florio. Now I like cooking much more than I used to and the food is, wow! And from scratch. I love it and I love sharing your website with my friends. So many recipes to choose from. I get my fill right here. I am so grateful you are putting your time and energy into cooking and sharing it with us. It has really, really helped me. Welcome to Idaho. I look forward to trying your recipes. Just stumbled across your blog thru a search and will be perusing your recipes!

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Curious to where you are? Hi Sheri! I need to update my bio page…we just moved from Northern Minnesota way up in the Roseau area out here to Idaho.

Love to hear from Minnesotans; we loved our time there! Please let me know. Hi Mel, I love your blog!!

We Tried Salvador Dali's Strange Egg Recipe

I live in Israel- I make your recipes all the time although I wish my picky eaters would be better at eating them sometimes … last night I made your fudge brownies and they turned out great and so quick to make too- which was great! A huge thank you for all you do- your passion shows!! Even though I have been cooking 41 years, I want new recipes to liven-up our meals. Discovering your blog yesterday has given me new hope. Just wanted to comment to say thank you!

I absolutely love your blog and appreciate the time you put into it! I look at your weekly menu every week and also really like the side dish suggestions at the top of many recipes. My family has loved so many of your recipes, thanks for saving dinner at our house! Oh my gosh!

I just stumbled upon your site after a friend shared your back to school 4 week menu on Facebook.

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Never once did I think to make I cinnamon roll flavored!! What a beautiful family you all are! I had 7, have 8 grands, and a lovely ggd! Good recipes! Love your blog! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad that I did! These are all of my favorite food recipes and many more I cannot wait to try!!!! I love food just like you do xD Same goes for chocolate!! Mel I just love you!!

I found your orange rolls on pinterest, I just finished sticking them in the fridge to sit until tomorrow morning for a pre-church brunch.

I tasted the filling and glaze and swooned, so of course I had to come peruse your blog! Whenever I need a recipe for something, I check your blog first because all your recipes are yummy! Thanks for taking the time to share! So I needed the perfect yellow cake to start with. Being in the baking business myself home-based , I have to confess that I had never made SSC shame on me-ha ha , so this had to be really spectacular. And apparently it was.

I used your recipe for Perfected Yellow Cake and all I know is that when I asked them to save me a piece they said it was already gone…. Thank you sooo much for such a great recipe. BTW, just love your sight and trust me I have discovered many good ones, but yours is by far one of the best! And…your family is beautiful. But I still love baking for them as well. Keep the great recipes coming! Thanks for taking the time to check in and let me know!

I just came across this website today, and I have to say, I love it already!