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After testing several other karts in the closing few months of the year, Mac will be racing a Maranello Kart with support from supplier Rapid Motor Sport and powered by engines from Delta Karting, while Ryan and Harry will be reverting to their Zip Storm cadet karts and powered by Soixante tuned Comer 60 engines. There is room in the team for two more cadets, so if you want the best for your rising star contact Neil Austin - email austekracing tiscali. Finally, drivers wishing to sign up with Ambition Motorsport for the season are also welcome.

We can help!

Please visit our website for more details at www. The Super One Series is advising drivers to move quickly if they want to secure their favourite race number in the Series, as registrations are coming in thick and fast. The very popular format will remain largely unchanged but the promoters are working hard to secure a TV and DVD package for all classes. Cadet tyre use has been restricted to better match the average parent's budget, and Friday practice is optional at all rounds, with plenty of track time on Saturday for everyone to enjoy.

During , the promoters succeeded in the almost impossible task of both increasing overall track time and the race lengths, to much acclaim. Be prepared, scrutineering is strict, the promoters only want a level playing field for all competitors. The regulations will make provision for CIK style on board judicial cameras too. The weather is currently looking good so what better way to work off all the excess food than getting back on the track. More information on CKRC can be found at www.

Nicolas Deschaux, who was appointed as the new President of the CIK-FIA in October , talks here about his first few weeks in the role and comments on the decisions of the World Council, which will bring in huge cost savings for the sport and its competitors. I was pleased to find an efficient and competent team. The first step was to carry through the application of the principles previously adopted by the CIK-FIA with regard to the direct topics of the forthcoming season and fully in line with this principle of cost reduction which is of major importance for our sport.

I am still in a period of discovery of the problems involved and of dialogue. I have obviously opened discussions with the main actors of Karting and shall continue to discuss in particular with the Manufacturers and Organisers in the coming weeks. Further to these discussions, I shall be in a position to draw up an inventory of the situation and with the contribution of the Commission we shall bring out the main lines of conceivable development and top priorities of action.

This has progressed to the next phase with the announcement of the calendar.

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How is this programme coming along? The Championship will start on 25 July in Germany, at Wackersdorf. These are high-level circuits which additionally have the advantage of comprising infrastructures appropriate for the conducting of our Friday mornings education programme. It will also be the case in our new World Championship and Academy. Furthermore, the Council had to designate the supplier of the complete kart for the Academy and of the engine for the "U18" World Championship.

Again, many offers were received, the most spectacular of which have been retained: those of the Parolin company, which offers free equipment to all the Drivers who will enter these championships in the next three years! One of the three objectives of these new competitions was cost reduction. It has been reached beyond all expectations.


To compete in the World Championship, the Drivers will not have to lay out a single euro, either for their engines or for their tyres. As for 15 to 18 years old Drivers, they will do the CIK-FIA World Championship with chassis of their own choice, but submitted to technical restrictions aimed at reducing costs and balancing everyone's chances.

Tyres will be identical for all, as will engines, which will be allocated at each event by drawing lots. With the contribution of the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund, the CIK will add a totally original pedagogical aspect to the programme of each of the three races. Both concepts will be treated independently, without any interference.

One must admit that they are very profesional and very competitive. It is in this perspective that the FIA has decided to give from the start the World Championship status to the under 18 category. This topped off his highly successful karting season which also saw him gain third place in the Whilton Mill Cart Club Championship. Jacques is a very focused youngster and has been karting, for three years gradually climbing up the rankings in his class.

For the past two seasons Jacques has been sponsored by influx, the turbo-charged, online motoring magazine from Adrian Flux Insurance Services.

Every weekend since April we've been up at 5am to get to the races and we don't get back till late Sunday. But he's always up bright and early for school the next day. These are full-size karts and the class covers the age range from 13 to 17 years. So at 12 Jacques will be one of the youngest racing, he qualifies because he turns 13 during the season. Already Jacques has been out in the big karts and is learning how to handle them. They get up to speeds of 80mph. They feel different but I'm getting the hang of it.

My heart is in my mouth because there are always some crashes. But I know that this is what he has set his heart on doing, and what's more he's good at it, so we are with him all the way. To read influx visit www. Kartpartsuk has had a hugely successful year on the track, winning numerous championships on Gillard chassis, whilst also offering their superb mail order service. If you would like any information on the Gillard kart range or spares then please get in touch on , email info kartpartsuk.

Good luck with the season. For the first time in its 9 year history, the Dadson Masters Series will compete in a Super 1 event.

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Dannie of Dadson said "We absolutely consider it an honour to be invited guests to this prestigious occasion and can't thank the Super 1 Series enough. Being part of this event and the activities surrounding it is really exiting; it's also a first for Super 1 as they have had guest drivers in the past but never a guest series!

So go on - do the Dadson, the only series for the more mature racer with big grids and someone to race whatever your level of ability. Remember, you'll always find somebody of a similar standard to race against in this series. For further information regarding registration, support services including prices take a look on our website at www.

Alternatively, or for any other enquiry. Watch this news section for details coming soon Jet-Tech Kart SetUp is the latest software program from Jet-Tech Motorsport enabling you to effortlessly record, save, diagnose and search all your chassis setup data just like all the F1 teams do. This is the fully searchable database where all your records are stored. You can select a track and all the records for it will be displayed. Comments and driver feed-back notes can be added to any record. You can search all records on any variable, including the comments and driver feedback notes.

So if you wanted to find your quickest chassis setup, for a particular circuit on slick tyres, using a hard axle and a soft seat, Jet-Tech Data Analyst will find it for you! Chassis setups can be printed out and used to guide you through your chassis configuration when you're in the garage or awning.

The setup data can also be saved directly into your data logger software or any other Windows software running on your computer. Kart Handling Analysis enables you to enter general chassis handling characteristics at entry, apex and exit of corners. Characteristics can be selected for each point from a drop-down list and corrective action is suggested. When testing or between heats, when your driver comes back to the pits, you can quickly check and diagnose handling problems.

Tyre Temperature Analysis will generate a detailed report containing information such as inflation pressures, castor, camber and weight distribution characteristics, rear axle, hub, wheel performance and geometry checks. Chassis Weight and Balance - essential to check for chassis twist or incorrect weight distribution can be recorded. Having secured pole for the pre-final, Luke went on to dominate it - winning by over five seconds.

He was made to work hard for victory in the Grand Final after dropping a couple of places during the opening lap. However, as the lead pair began to tussle, Luke seized his chance and, with an incisive move, regained the upper hand. From there he was able to open a gap and maintain it to the chequered flag. Strawberry team principal Warwick Ringham was understandably delighted, "Luke drove fantastically well. Because everyone's on the same equipment, it all comes down to driver ability and who's got the best set-up and ultimately, who wants it the most.

The team's other drivers experienced varying fortunes. Formula Renault graduate, Joseph Reilly returned to complete his karting career, but after a series of misfortunes found himself in the repercharge and was unlucky not to qualify for the main final after a questionable black-flag.

The team's sole Junior representative Henry Hunter was making his World finals debut, and acquitted himself admirably. Facing a steep learning curve, he came through the heats and pre-final to qualify well for arguably, the biggest race of his career to date. An intelligent drive saw him thread his way to an eventual 8th place at the finish. Warwick said, "Henry did really well.

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This was a new experience for him but the more laps he did, the better he got. In fact, what he achieved was fantastic. Strawberry is open until Wednesday 23 December and will re-open Monday 4 January. The 1st of January will mark the beginning of the validity period for the new homologations of engines and accessories. In Karting the homologation of chassis, tyres and engines are renewed every three years in turn. KF engines have the distinctive feature of being water-cooled 2-stroke cc engines with reed box inlet, and fitted in particular with a balance shaft, an ignition with a rev limiter, a clutch and an electric starter.

The minimum production quantity, the means of production, and the compliance of the companies given the status of "Manufacturer" as defined in the Homologation Regulations, have been checked.

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The CIK-FIA has subsequently introduced a new procedure for the homologation of these KF engines, adding to the traditional visit of the Manufacturers' premises a session at the FIA administrative headquarters in Geneva for the complete disassembling of the new engines to be homologated. This homologation session was also the opportunity for the Manufacturers of KZ engines, carburettors, ignitions and inlet silencers to renew their products. The full list of the new homologations of engines, carburettors, ignitions and inlet silencers is available on the CIK-FIA website at Currently they are only able to operate in daylight hours due to the restrictive leasing costs of flying at night, WNAA aims to become the first service in the UK to operate 24 hours per day.

WNAA service a population of around 1. The event would consist of a practice session for all the drivers, followed by five heats for everyone; this would then give us our top six drivers who would battle it out for the glory of the podium and the trophies. We had a great turnout of 34 drivers for our first Charity night with great mixture of age and abilities, which made for some exciting racing. The heats had some surprising results with novice drivers driving valiantly and securing wins against more experienced drivers.