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Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say trying in sign language?

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Examples of trying in a Sentence Lee Gelernt : Trying to find out. Yehuda Maor : We're trying to work here. Dawn Barker : Thats all Im trying to do. Chris Davis : I was trying to be patient.

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Ben Simmons : I was just trying to be me. Attempt, often interchangeable with try, sometimes suggests the possibility of failure and is often used in reference to more serious or important matters: to attempt to formulate a new theory of motion.

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Endeavor emphasizes serious and continued exertion of effort, sometimes aimed at dutiful or socially appropriate behavior: to endeavor to fulfill one's obligations. Strive, stresses persistent, vigorous, even strenuous effort, often in the face of obstacles: to strive to overcome a handicap.

Usage note Try followed by and instead of to has been in standard use since the 17th century: The Justice Department has decided to try and regulate jury-selection practices. The construction occurs only with the base form try, not with tries or tried or trying.


Although some believe that try and is less formal than try to, both patterns occur in all types of speech and writing. The Shadowy U. The Social Cancer Jos Rizal.

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The Manxman Hall Caine. Derived Forms tryingly , adverb tryingness , noun. However, sometimes people say they are trying, but they are not putting in much effort. That means they are not doing their best.

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