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The story is dealt with from several perspectives; the adult and the children. The title is an open question put to the reader to attempt an interrogation, analysis and to give a verdict. The author has deliberately left the title open-ended. It deals with the idea that parents know what is best for their children because parents love their children the most. One should not look for instant solutions to the problems in life, one should wait patiently for acceptance from friends. Acceptance or the lack of it from friends should not mean that you change the way Nature has intended you to be.

John Updike addresses common issues found in most families. Children have their own identity and views. Both children and parents need to learn to be inclusive and appreciate diversity and creativity. They should not impose ideas on each other and build a culture of mutual respect, and tolerance. Jo had loved the ending of the story. Roger became happy with the smell of roses. She was displeased by the new ending. Jack was not ready to make any change.

Jo should accept without questioning. Learning about traditions and identity. Both can be justified as an acceptable response. Natural Is not disgraceful. Individuality identity. Skunk and creatures accept reality. We should accept what is natural. Wizard sees the point reverts the smell tamely.

A creature usually named Roger Roger fish, Roger squirrel, Roger chipmunk. Went to the wise owl to find a solution. The owl directed him to the magician. The magician would solve his problem in exchange for a few pennies. To arrange for insufficient pennies the magician would direct the creature to a place where he could find it.

Roger would be happy would return home just in time to hear the train whistle that brought his daddy home from Boston.

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Ugly middle position. Character Sketch of Jack. He wanted women clinging to him, chauvinistic. He did not want to speak with her, work with her, touch her, anything, temperamental husband. He hated being contradicted or questioned by his children. Skunk is as unquestioningly obedient Jack was to his mother. The story with a story. Parents know best. Importance of yielding to parents. The wizard takes his beating quietly.

How did the wizard help the roger skunk?

Allegorical representation. Skunk smell — individuality. Autobiographical elements. John Updike suffered humiliation and ridicule during his childhood.

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Jack idealized the mother, as Roger does in the story. A happy-go-lucky child of four. Naturally inquisitive and is curious. Are magic spells real?

Theilonoious Skunk

Jo, a four-year-old girl, is accustomed to hearing stories from her father, Jack, every evening and for Saturday naps. Jack followed a basic story structure. The main character of the story was Roger but it would be a different animal every day. Roger would have a problem and would consult the wise owl for a solution to his problem who in turn would direct him to a wizard. The wizard would solve the problem through his magic spell and would demand his fee. The wizard would then guide Roger to the place where this money could be found. Finally, a happy Roger would play games with other children and go back home to his mommy before his father returned from Boston.

That Saturday afternoon, as per the custom, Jack began his story. Jo suggested skunk as the main character for the story. To solve this problem, he went to the wise owl who directed him to the wizard. Jo had lately started questioning the credibility of things told in the stories like magic spells, death, God, etc. The wizard charged him seven pennies.

However, the skunk had only four pennies with him.

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So, he was directed to a place where he would find the remaining three pennies. He found the pennies easily and gave them to the wizard. Roger Skunk happily played with other children. When Roger Skunk reached home, his mommy disliked the new smell. She did not want him to smell any different than other skunks as their foul smell was a weapon against enemies. Mommy Skunk took Roger back to the wizard to undo the spell. She hit the wizard over his head for making her son smell like roses.

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Now, Roger Skunk again regained his foul smell. Jo was dissatisfied with the ending of the story. Jo wanted her father to retell the story the next day with a new ending where the mommy was hit back by the wizard. However, Jack refused to change the way he ended the story. According to him, parents only did what was right for their kids. He explained to Jo that the little skunk loved his mother and did what she wanted as he knew that the mother would always do what was right for him.

Jo, however, refuses to understand and insisted that Jack change the ending of the story.

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He went downstairs. Clare, his wife, was painting the chair rail.

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Clare observed that it was a long story. He watched his wife working. He felt he was caught in an ugly middle position. He watched everything with utter weariness. The story begins when Jack is telling stories to his four-year-old daughter Jo to put her to sleep on Saturday evenings. All these stories are made up by him. This started two years ago. Every story is a variation of the same tale and it starts with the same Roger Animal.

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  7. He would go to the wise owl to solve his problems. The owl will direct him to the wizard who would do magic and solve his problems and demand money in return. Roger would be short of money and would go to a well as directed by the wizard and will get the money from there and would pay him off.

    He would be happy to solve his problems and would play with his friends happily. His father would return on the train and the family would have a delicious dinner. Roger would cry. At this point, Jo starts feeling connected with the character and she also starts crying. Jo insists on sending Roger Skunk to the owl. This reaction of Jo surprises father and he realises the growing changes in the child. Finally, the owl directs Roger Skunk to the wizard and he gets the smell of roses.

    Skunk is too happy and runs into the wood. All the animals gather around Skunk and they all play games. But Jo is adamant and angry. So finally Roger Skunk comes back home with his mommy and gradually other animals also get used to his smell and start playing with him. Jo disagrees that this can happen and refuses to sleep. She wants another story in which mommy is hit. But Jack refuses and confronts Jo and threatens and orders her to sleep.