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You will also be invited to the premiere and premiere party as a valued member of the team and get all of the vital swag. Documentary Chicago, IL. The History of Industrial Music: The Chicago Way A documentary about the rise of the industrial music scene in Chicago in the mid-late 's that changed the underground forever. Back this project. Support Make a pledge without a reward. Kickstarter is not a store.

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It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Estimated delivery Oct Estimated delivery Nov Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. Estimated delivery Dec My favorite line that s The Chicago Way is a brisk, entertaining read about a private detective and ex cop named Michael Kelly.

My favorite line that shows Kelly's wry wit: "He stopped renewing his license in , when he did of a massive heart attack. Made sense to me. Parker's Spenser. I didn't feel like I had a good sense of who Michael Kelly was by the end of the book, but I think that's okay; not telling all leaves more facets to reveal later and also something for the reader's imagination.

I also liked how the theme of the story--here, sexual assault--is woven throughout the fabric of the story and viewed from multiple angles, whether investigators on the scene, activists raising money for awareness and prevention, or the stories and memories of victims and the horrific toll this horrific crime exacts on its victims. His depiction of the loneliness of Kelly's existence was also superbly done. That won't stop me from reading Harvey's subsequent novels, however; I finished his second Michael Kelly mystery in the same week I read The Chicago Way. Aug 05, Sandie rated it liked it Shelves: thrillers-and-mystery , contemporary-lit , books.

For this reader Michael Harvey's freshman venture into the hard-boiled crime drama genre is more James M. Today casting directors would probably give us Gerard Butler, Cameron Diaz, and Nico For this reader Michael Harvey's freshman venture into the hard-boiled crime drama genre is more James M. The story is a fascinating patchwork of Chicago settings from the Drake Hotel ballroom to the back alleys of the windy city "burbs" with bleak pessimistic observations on everything from serial killers, politics, race and gender to pondering observations of ancient Greek philosophers.

Unlike many writers today who feel obligated to fill plus pages with entire chapters describing the color of the sky, Harvey's background in journalism and television documentary production is obvious in his writing style. His sparse "who, what, where, when, why and how" approach to storytelling is a good thing. He hooks you from chapter one, succinctly gives you the information you need while moving the story along at a healthy clip.

Things never get boring and the plot never lags as we play "armchair shamus" to Mike Kelly's real deal. This is a better than average debut and I look forward to another walk on Chicago's wild side in the company of PI Mike Kelly.

The Chicago Way

Jan 05, Michael Polino rated it did not like it. Cool title, cool cover art Maybe the worst book I have ever read. I'm generally pretty forgiving and easy to please with anything either crime noir or Chicago-centric but this was so bad that my mouth was sweating the entire twenty-five minutes it took me to read it.

The book is written as though the author visited the city for a convention, went to a Cubs game, drank a few MGD 64s at one of the meat head bars in Wrigleyville,then went a few blocks over to Boystown for action on the DL. Then, Cool title, cool cover art Then, thoroughly infatuated with the whole entire city of Chicago, meaning the few tourist traps that he visited and, of course, nothing south of Roosevelt but also needing to prove his masculinity after his aforementioned bi-curious adventures, he got back to his room at the Hilton and decided he needed to write a REAL old school CHICAGO detective novel with a really super tough super douche main guy with a really great original name.

The whole time I was reading the book I kept wondering "Why does this guy keep mentioning this D-bag bar in Lincoln Park? It turns out the Author, a Boston transplant, owns it. Go figure. Oct 19, Pat rated it really liked it. This book started off a little slow with an annoying style of narrative, kind of like it was trying to come over all "Phillip Marlowe" but then it improved - a lot.

I like the Mike Kelly character, he seems fair. The story got more complex and interesting with a nice little twist at the end.

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Altogether a good start to a series and I'm looking forward to the next one. Dec 02, Louis rated it really liked it. Decent if not spectacular debut novel from the co-creator and executive producer of Cold Case Files which makes a cameo appearance in the story. Michael Kelly, a Windy City private eye and retired cop, is recruited by an old partner to help solve an eight-year-old cold case. Soon the old detective turns up dead and Kelly must connect the dots between the old case and this new one.

He brings together his own dream team of investigators including a TV reporter he is involved with; a forensic DNA Decent if not spectacular debut novel from the co-creator and executive producer of Cold Case Files which makes a cameo appearance in the story. He brings together his own dream team of investigators including a TV reporter he is involved with; a forensic DNA expert; a detective with expertise in rape cases the cold case is one of rape and battery ; and a lawyer from the DA's office.

This ragtag team of sleuths must face the Mob, a serial killer and the city itself. Like any good noir update, the locale is an important part of the story.

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In fact, Chicago makes a more vivid impression than does Kelly. Still, the book is a solid enough mystery to make me look forward to his next case. Jan 31, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: whoduknit , npr. Sam Spade meets modern-day Chicago. Very entertaining. While Ihhad figured out the idetity of the "bad guy," my interest was very much kept alive with various plot twists right up to the last page. Will definitely read another by this author. Think this is first in the series.

Nicely written, great setting, Chicago crime in all its seedy glory, and a poignant story of rape and abuse in American culture today, but the plot does kind of telegraph, and you just know this guy was in the front row when Stephen King said "Kill your darlings. Feb 26, Archer rated it liked it. Jun 26, Jim Jackson rated it liked it. Good book!

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Kind of a John Sanford type writer. My next read will be one more by the same author. Jun 24, Johnny rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. It does, however, have the requisite amount of city level corruption for a locale known both historically and in the present as a hotbed of government corruption. In the course of his work, he was able to interview serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and, naturally, when he draws from real life, there is a serial killer in the novel who resonates horrifically with Gacy though said character is definitely a composite character and not merely Gacy himself.

In one of the tropes of the genre, his departure from the force was not a gentle retirement with mutual respect. Naturally, said authority has the ability to get in the way. Then, there is the drop-dead, gorgeous love interest of the story, an anchorwoman who seems to have sources inside the police department which are too good to be true. Suffice it to say that the book is realistic enough that I want to read more and that The Chicago Way pours a foundation for even better things in the two sequels which are now out.

The insights he injects into the story are welcome, but uneven—making me a fan, but not a fan-boy. Most fictional detectives have sad lives and hard upbringings. It seems this is a prerequisite for becoming a good fictional detective. Kelly is a year old private investigator who was formerly a detective with the Chicago Police Department.

Kelly is approached by his former partner for help solving the case.