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Potters start by placing a ball of clay in the center of their wheel. Potters use their hands and fingers to shape the clay into items. They also use wooden tools to shape objects so they are straight. They use pieces of wire to cut off extra clay. Potters use rubber scrapers and wet sponges to smooth the surface before removing an item from the wheel.

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Once pots are pulled formed , potters use tools such as calipers to measure how tall or wide items are. If they are the right size, potters may add handles or other decorations to the outside of the vessel. To remove finished items from wheels, potters run a wire between the base of the object and the surface of the wheel. Depending on the item, potters may apply a glaze. Some potters make their own glazes.

BUT A POOR REFLECTION: Shaped by the Potter's hand

They brush, dip, sponge, or spray the glaze to apply it. Crockery from clay own hands.

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Same artist. All categories. Food and Drink. And God knows us deeply, studies us intimately, and takes into account everything about us that makes us unique: all our strong parts, and all our not-so-strong parts.


This summer is, for me, a time for this kind of reflection. This journey could have led to many different places — to many dangerous and dark places.

It often did lead there. And no doubt God had to start again with me on more than one occasion. And yet God was not discouraged.

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  • God persevered. What joy it is for me to look back over all those years, and to see that path leading here, to St. I feel so grateful and so blessed to be here with you, and to be doing this work together.

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