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This is a much darker story than the cover or blurb implies.

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As much as I disliked Rose, her presence made me root for Lucie that much more. However, the idea that Lucie loved Beast exactly as he was, and wanted him to remain in his animal form, was a little off putting in terms of their happily ever after. Final verdict: Fans of fairytale retellings will want to prepare themselves for a retelling that sets everything they know about Beauty and the Beast upside down. Dark and twisted, Beast captures the spirit of the original tale, while becoming something entirely its own. Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers.

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We have all sorts of YABC buttons for your website. Grab one here and link to YABC! FAQs Advertise Become a member. Create an account. How to resolve AdBlock issue? Write Review. Author s. Lisa Jensen. Candlewick Press. Fairytale retelling Fairytale Fantasy. Editor reviews 1 reviews Overall rating. April 03, Updated: April 03, Melissa A. Overall rating.

Reveal (In the Loup #12) PDF Download

Not your classic Disney fairytale retelling At first I was thinking, no not another Beauty and the Beast reimagining. Comments 0. Was this review helpful to you? User reviews There are no user reviews for this listing. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account.

Reveal (In the Loup #12)

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    So anything she would "see" would probably be her trelawney making it up I thought it shouldn't have been so clear and blatant Well, seeing as Trelawney isn't very good at getting people's feelings I wouldn't trust her too much. But I think that inside him Lupin had always feared being discovered and his job being jeopardized, specially after Snape's DADA class. He has to live with this risk, even though he knows it's not fair it's reality, people will react against him the moment they find out the truth, even Ron did it, they way he shouts "Back off lycatrope!

    So I'm almost sure he always fears being discovered and having to leave.

    Reveal (In the Loup: Book #12)

    Edit:Even if Remus didn't plan on leaving after one year, I'm sure he probably did have something lined up as a back-up plan just in case things fell through. But what could be so good or so important that he would leave Hogwarts to pursue it? Yes, as m0nkeydump said, Trelawney isn't exactly trustworthy, but her prediction ended up being true in this case. If, considering that the one portion of the prediction ended up coming to pass, Lupin did in fact expect to be leaving, he must have had some other reason than being discovered as a werewolf.

    And since teaching is obviously a great profession for him, and put him in the closest contact with Harry that he could possibly have, it seems like there'd have to be something pretty spectacular to take him away. Does that make sense? I'm not suggesting that Lupin thought something might happen and that he would have to leave this job of course, he probably had that expectation, as you say RemusLupinFan, with every job , but that he planned to leave this job.

    Perhaps it could hold some clue to what he was doing during GoF, and could support the idea that it was something quite important. Version two! Or twelve if we're really counting Yes, I definitely agree with you here--if Ron, who has "the emotional range of a teaspoon" can notice Lupin's fondness for Harry, than Lupin definitely couldn't have been distant with him. I think people are mistaking Lupin's professional and ethical behaviors with being "distant.

    Until Dawn FR - Gameplay - Episode 11 : Sanatorium ( PS4 )

    I always assumed Remus was in his office or room recovering. I think he tries to keep his transformations and the aftermath of them as quiet and private as possible so as not to disturb others and so that he can heal on his own terms. Which leads me to whether I think he is extroverted or introverted: I agree with Puchula that both Harry and Remus are introverted when it comes to showing that something is bothering them.

    I definitely think both Remus and Harry are intoverted individuals. Harry especially keeps his thoughts to himself unless asked by others or if there are special circumstances. In fact, Harry doesn't always share important things with the people he trusts most--for example, he never told Dumbledore he could hear the disembodied voice in COS, even after DD asked if Harry needed to tell him anything. It seems Harry only truly voices his feelings when he is quite upset, otherwise he bottles them inside.

    I think Lupin is similar in some ways. Lupin does not seem to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with anyone that we know of, though we do not know what he and Sirius discussed behind closed doors other than how Umbridge is horrible! Remus seems like a pretty private individual. He is confident, yes, but I wouldn't call him extroverted. You know, now that you bring this up, the first thing that came to mind was the Remus might have been planning on only teaching as long as Voldemort was not doing anything big.

    What I'm trying to say is perhaps Remus only planned on teaching until Voldemort returned, after which he'd begin doing his "mysterious work for the Order" and would be otherwise engaged. That was my first thought. Maybe Dumbledore, or Lupin himself, knew something was up? I'm sure Dumbledore knew something was up, because at the end of COS he talks about how he wonders how Voldemort was possessing Ginny when all his sources told him he was currently in Albania.

    So Dumbledore was definitely keeping tabs on Voldemort, and probably figured it was only a matter of time before he showed up again. And speaking of Dumbledore "sources," could Remus have been one of those sources? Oh, what we meant is that it was a funny coincidence, she said he was leaving soon and he did, pretty much like what happened with Hermione leaving class : We are going on with a conversation which started in the previous thread, feel free to take a look there if you want ; Even if Remus didn't plan on leaving after one year, I'm sure he probably did have something lined up as a back-up plan just in case things fell through.

    What I wanted to say, but you sumarized it better than I did :lol: I'm sure Dumbledore knew something was up, because at the end of COS he talks about how he wonders how Voldemort was possessing Ginny when all his sources told him he was currently in Albania. I think that by this he meant to say that it was no other than Lucius the one who had put Riddle's Diary among Ginny's books New version thanks RLF : I have not been posting long and this is a first for me, how exciting.

    Originally posted by Hobbitseeker: And speaking of Dumbledore "sources," could Remus have been one of those sources? I have always wondered if Remus wasn't working for Dumbledore sort of speak as one of his sources, Dumbledore had said he always knew VM was out there and was not gone for good. Maybe with Peter getting away at the end of POA Dumbledore felt he might be going to find VM and make him come back to power, maybe he somehow knew the prediction Trelawney made about VM and his servent breaking free and helping him back to power.