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The moment you get the spoon closer you get a magnified image and when taken far, you see an inverted image. Let us first understand the terms of spherical mirrors. The convex mirror has a reflective surface that curves outward. When parallel rays of light strike the mirror, they are reflected in a way wherein they spread out or diverge. For this reason, a convex mirror is also a diverging mirror too. If these reflected rays are extended behind the mirror by dotted lines, they meet at a point.

This point is the focus of the convex mirror.

The concave mirror is used in the vehicle so that the driver is aware of the vehicle coming from behind. They are also used in street light reflectors. Any polished or shiny surface like that of an water can act as a mirror. It is a mirror-like reflection of rays of light.

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Here the rays of light which are reflected from a smooth and shiny object such as a mirror, are reflected at a definitive angle and each incident ray which is reflected along with the reflected ray has the same angle to the normal as the incident ray. This is a non-mirror-like reflection of light. In this type of reflection rays of light hit an irregular object with a rough surface, and reflects back in all directions.

Suggested Videos. Reflection of Light. Refraction at spherical surface. Introduction to Refraction. In the picture of the mountain reflected in the lake photograph top right , the reversal normal to the reflecting surface is obvious. Notice that there is no obvious front-back or left-right of the mountain.

In the example of the urn and mirror photograph to right , the urn is fairly symmetrical front-back and left-right. Thus, no obvious reversal of any sort can be seen in the mirror image of the urn. A mirror image appears more obviously three-dimensional if the observer moves, or if the image is viewed using binocular vision.

This is because the relative position of objects changes as the observer's perspective changes, or is differently viewed with each eye. Looking through a mirror from different positions but necessarily with the point of observation restricted to the halfspace on one side of the mirror is like looking at the 3D mirror image of space; without further mirrors only the mirror image of the halfspace before the mirror is relevant; if there is another mirror, the mirror image of the other halfspace is too.

A mirror does not just produce an image of what would be there without it; it also changes the light distribution in the halfspace in front of and behind the mirror.

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A mirror hanging on the wall makes the room brighter because additional light sources appear in the mirror image. However, the appearance of additional light does not violate the conservation of energy principle, because some light no longer reaches behind the mirror, as the mirror simply re-directs the light energy. In terms of the light distribution, the virtual mirror image has the same appearance and the same effect as a real, symmetrically arranged half-space behind a window instead of the mirror.

Shadows may extend from the mirror into the halfspace before it, and vice versa.

In mirror writing a text is deliberately displayed in mirror image, in order to be read through a mirror. For example, emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire engines use mirror images in order to be read from a driver's rear-view mirror. Some movie theaters also take advantage of mirror writing in a Rear Window Captioning System used to assist individuals with hearing impairments watching the film. If the mirrors have vertical edges then the left edge of the field of view is the plane through the right edge of the first mirror and the edge of the second mirror which is on the right when looked at directly, but on the left in the mirror image.

In the case of two parallel mirrors, looking through both at once is like looking at a version of the world which is translated by twice the distance between the mirrors, in the direction perpendicular to them, away from the observer. Since the plane of the mirror in which one looks directly is beyond that of the other mirror, one always looks at an oblique angle, and the translation just mentioned has not only a component away from the observer, but also one in a perpendicular direction.

The translated view can also be described by a translation of the observer in opposite direction.

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  7. For example, with a vertical periscope , the shift of the world is away from the observer and down, both by the length of the periscope, but it is more practical to consider the equivalent shift of the observer: up, and backward. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Mirror image disambiguation.

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