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Mauran notes that A.

Feature Archive: The John Rylands Library, Manchester

Philippe Mauran also notes that the Statu Gallico belongs to a genre. So, did A.

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Or did Frederick William signal what he wished to know? Who knows: perhaps the presentation copy survives in some archive, waiting to be discovered. The text, superbly edited here, would seem to be a copy of an almost-completed draft.


In the content, A. Was the answer obvious? He does not evaluate everyone who is a member of the Conseil d'en Haut, but he expresses quite a high opinion of Chavigny, who of course suffered disgrace. Chavigny had been the secretary of state -- executor of foreign policy -- during the Richelieu ministry. Disgraced in , Servien was a survivor with little factional baggage unlike others, who had Mme de Chevreuse and her party behind them.

French Translation of ““made in France”” | Collins English-French Dictionary

The veil of descriptive prose rarely drops, but on several crucial points A. Was he enamored of France and things French? Not particularly.

Philippe Mauran's work as editor, annotator and bibliographer-indexer is of the highest standards. He has made a major contribution to understanding not just French, but also European political culture in the s. Albert Bailly, Correspondance.

The three volumes cover the years See my review on this site. In Memoriam Contact. Note 1. All Rights Reserved.

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The overall aim of this section is to create a database of the different archives available to those working on French and Francophone studies that will be of help particularly to students just starting out in research. Here he talks about the resources available for historians of France at the John Rylands Library in Manchester. The striking neo-gothic building that resulted is matched by its impressive collections.

It is the third largest academic library in the UK and houses over , printed volumes as well as over a million manuscripts and archival items.

Dangerous Liaisons: How 18th Century France Made The Modern Media Circus

However, to my shame, it took me until the third year of my undergraduate degree to make the trip to Deansgate a short twenty-minute walk from the University of Manchester campus. Thankfully, now as a PhD student researching thirteenth-century Normandy, many enjoyable trips have been made. The library has a wide range of printed resources relating to French studies. The Mazarinades collection contains pamphlets written in protest at Cardinal Jules Mazarin —61 and his policies during La Fronde, the series of civil wars occurring in the minority of Louis XIV.

For those seeking manuscripts, there are numerous medieval and Renaissance texts in both Latin and French.

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My own research into Norman identities led me to the Chronique de Normandie French MS 56 , a late thirteenth century historical narrative which traces the ancestry of the Norman dukes from their Trojan origins up to the reign of King John. The Beaumont Charters have also proved valuable in contextualising thirteenth-century Norman society. The library is located in Deansgate near the centre of Manchester. It is a twenty-minute walk from Piccadilly train station, or you can take the free Metroshuttle bus to John Dalton Street then turn left onto Deansgate and the library will be in front of you.

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The Metroshuttle bus also runs from Oxford Road and Victoria stations.