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In the finale of Meyerhold's production, the actors were replaced with dolls, a device that Andrei Bely compared to the stroke "of the double Cretan ax that chops off heads", but entirely justified as in this case "the archaic, coarse grotesque is more subtle than subtle".

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The play was repeatedly filmed in the Soviet Union and Russia, first in by Leonid Gaidai under the title Incognito from Petersburg and most recently in with Nikita Mikhalkov playing the Mayor. Neither adaptation was deemed a critical or box-office success. In , a Hollywood musical comedy version was released, starring Danny Kaye.

As is typical of Hollywood adaptations, the film bears only passing resemblance to the original play. Kaye's version sets the story in Napolean's empire, instead of Russia, and the main character presented to be the ersatz IG is not a haughty young government bureaucrat, but a down-and-out illiterate run out of a Gypsie's travelling medicine show for not being greedy and deceptive enough.

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This effectively destroys much of the foundation of Gogol's work by changing the relationship between the false Inspector General and members of the town's upper class. In Italy , in Luigi Zampa directed the film Anni ruggenti starring Nino Manfredi , a free adaptation of the play, in which the story is transposed to a small town of South Italy, during the years of Fascism.

A man auditioning at a small theatre is mistaken for an informer for the National Endowment for the Arts. As the cast and crew cater to his every whim, they also turn the traditional tale of A Christmas Carol on its head.

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In , playwright David Farr wrote and directed a "freely adapted" version for London's National Theatre called "The UN Inspector," which transposed the action to a modern-day ex-Soviet republic. In , Zak Vreeland and Nick Jones wrote 'A Malefactor Most Vile," a comedy of errors about an isolated quaker community visited by a man with an ironic T-shirt which reads "Vagina Inspector" and their mistaken belief that he has come to defile their women in the name of public safety.

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Karel Weis s — : Der Revisor, ; probably an operetta. Giselher Klebe — : Chlestakows Wiederkehr was first performed at the Landestheater Detmold in How much of Oreste Lionello's work have you seen? Known For. Nerone Seneca. Le inchieste del commissario Maigret Moers.

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Attenti a quei P2 Licio Belli. Per amore di Poppea Nero. Procuratore Capo. TV Movie Oreste Lionello.

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    Un giornalista. Any similarity with real people, alive or dead, facts or places is totally accidental. You can read all previous chapters by clicking on the following links:. Il Dottore Delle Bambole. Il Dottore Delle Bambole — Part 2.

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    Il Dottore Delle Bambole — Part 3. Il Dottore Delle Bambole — Part 4. How to say "Paris" the correct way: hubs.

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