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Just finished The Hobbit, and is in the middle of second Harry Potter book. Also, Charlotte's Web recently. However, when he was 6, the list was much simpler - Magic Tree House mostly. Some kids don't like fiction books at all and would prefer non-fiction. Time for Kids might be good choice.

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National Geographic also makes some very nice kids books. My 6 year old loved Charlotte's Web - and I loved it too but I had to read it to her. The language is not easy - more of a 2nd -3rd grade level at least - it was written in the 50s so many of the words used are not in frequent use today. He also likes anything by Tony Abbott. Karlsson by A.

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Lindgren and Moomin series by Tove Jansson are good for this age and are available in English. Also, "How do Dinosaurs. Curious George collections also worked well though, depending on a child's reading level, that might be a bit more challenging for a 5-year-old.

Fancy Nancy Little Bear Mr. It's very similar to Junie B books in format, only the main character is a boy. They come in different reading levels, too. He also likes Magic School Bus series.

ИТАЛЬЯНСКИЙ Пирог без ВЕСОВ или 12 ложек

They read Magic Tree House books in school, it's my single most favorite thing about his school program so far and he is really into them. You should give them a try. He also likes Dr. Like many boys, he likes non-fiction books, too, about planets, dinosaurs, animals, etc.

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I usually order them from Scholastic. Sorry, they were all out of apple pie.

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And as my friends here can attest, I love cake. I don't have time for wedding cake.

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Well, just try it. But I want the apple tarts that have the honey on top. Loads of special cakes and tarts being ordered as gifts. For the past 60 years, Gourmet has been inspiring the inner-chef in its readers with innovative recipes, insider restaurant reviews and dynamic features. Since its initial founding, Gourmet has developed into a multifaceted publication, delving into the world of travel and shopping as well as international cuisine.

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Vous aimez recevoir? Vous souhaitez cuisiner pour deux? Vous avez des enfants?

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