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Thank you for tagging me! This is such a good book about friendship. I was just bored of this.. Seeing this tag made me realize I still have to finish my own post… I enjoyed reading your answers! Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Peachboy (Rabbit Ears: A Classic Tale)

However, Jack soon discovers that the riches are not the only things on the beanstalk. Two stories feature Anansi the Spider outsmarting various creatures to get their stories. The first story involves Anansi tricking Snake to get the stories from Tiger. The second story involves Anansi trying to admit to the other animals that he is a man after his mother-in-law dies. Steven Guarnaccia. East of the Sun, West of the Moon. When a young girl befriends a mysterious bear, she learns about the curse that has been set upon the bear and embarks on a journey to set him free from the curse.

Vivienne Flesher. The Fool and the Flying Ship. When the Tsar of Russia proclaims that whoever builds a flying ship will marry his daughter, a country fool takes the challenge and meets some odd superhumans along the way.

Klezmer Conservatory Band. The Monkey People. When a small village starts neglecting their duties, they get help from a mysterious old man who carves leaves in the shapes monkeys that come to life. When King Midas is given the gift to turn objects into gold, he learns that there are things that are more precious than any gold in the kingdom.

Rodica Prato.

Ellis Marsalis featuring Yo-Yo Ma. The Boy Who Drew Cats. Koi and the Kola Nuts. When a young boy by the name of Koi leaves his village because the village does not know how to treat the son of a chief, he embarks on a journey to find a village that will treat him with respect.

Koi then makes a few unexpected jungle friends along the way. The Tiger and the Brahmin. When a Brahmin accidentally releases a tiger, the tiger is bent on eating the Brahmin. However, a clever jackal is the one who helps the Brahmin in his time of need. Kurt Vargo. A greedy king tells a young daughter of a miller that she must spin a room full of straws into gold by morning Then a little man tells her anything she please. Finn McCoul is the greatest champion in all of Ireland. But when the brutish giant Cucullin is after him, he is a bit nervous.

Boys on the Lough. Claude, a youngest son of Miller, feels short-changed leaves him nothing more than a tomcat. However, when Claude decides to do away with his feline inheritance, the cat devised a plan to transform his dim-witted owner into a prince. Pierre Le-Tan. The Bremen Town Musicians. This enchanted tale is based on "One Thousand and One Nights" where a young rogue receives wishes from a genie and wins the hand of the Sultan's daughter in marriage.

Greg Couch. Brian Ajhar. Set in Ancient Japan, a young child is found inside a peach by an old couple, and he must embark on a journey to rescue people from a band of ogres. Jeffrey Smith. The Five Chinese Brothers. A tale of ancient China five brothers who each has his own unique gifted strength and power help with each other to overcome the challenges when the disaster fate comes. Bill Douglass and David Austin [ disambiguation needed ].

A young archer named Ivan gives a feather from the legendary Firebird to the Tsar of Russia, now he must go on a quest to capture the Firebird. The White Cat. Barbara McClintock. A lazy man goes to the Kaatskill mountains with his dog and accidentally ends up sleeping for 20 years. Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

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Fred Warter. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd. Yvonne Buchanan. Don Vanderbeek. Stan Olson. Princess Scargo and The Birthday Pumpkin. A young Native American princess gives must give up her Birthday present in order to save her village. Karen Barbour. Barry Jackson. John Beasley and Walter Becker. Jonah, the son of Amittai , must escape God after being tasked to go to the city of Nineveh to tell them to stop their wickedness or God will destroy them. George Mgrdichian.

David and Goliath.

The Fool and the Flying Ship (Rabbit Ears We All Have Tales) Reviews

David, a young shephard boy must defeat a giant Philistine warrior named Goliath. Douglas Fraser. The Christ Church Cathedral Choir. God tells a man named Noah that he will flood the world for 40 days and 40 nights, so Noah and his family must build a giant ark with two of every animal in it. The Paul Winter Consort. Stefano Vitale.

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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Tells the story of how Joseph was abused, but later became second in command of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Garnet Henderson. Strunz and Farah. Phil Huling. Moses The Lawgiver. Stan Fellows.