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Prey pits might against meekness in a playful but deadly scenario. The quest for equilibrium in a delicate love encounter. Little Janik sets out to see his grandfather Jaroslav Kebrle. A great story from the time when renowned entertainer Fred Brunold worked at a radio station, one of his many jobs. Raymond, a lazy swimming instructor, would like to discover the ocean. A team of scientists offers to help him. Baseado em um conto de fadas de Oscar Wilde, no qual um jovem pescador se apaixona por uma sereia.

Based on a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde in which a young fisherman falls in love with a sea maiden. A man and his faithful companion go fishing only to discover that they are in for the fight of their lives. A celebration of the bawdy life and work of Thomas Rowlandson, 18th century caricaturist and pornographer. When a ringing mobile phone disturbs a quiet old library, an elderly man uses a magical trick with sweeping consequences.

A film noir of murder and mystery set in a sleazy hotel. As cops investigate the gruesome murders, they become victims of an evil force. Um monstro verdadeiro tenta escapar do seu dono Quem vai vencer? A real monster tries to escape from his master My neighbour is a total loony. Two eras in the history of a country in transition: feudal and modern. Two portraits of oppression. Lussi is a well behaved little girl.

But she finally finds herself in a situation which forces her to change her ways. Mas a maternidade perfeita tem efeitos colaterais imprevistos.

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A woman grows her dreamchild in a flower pot. But perfect motherhood has unexpected side effects. Artie, um trompetista, tenta resgatar o seu trompete do mundo dos mortos.

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Artie, a trumpet player, tries to recover his trumpet from the world of the dead. A tribute to cartoon films from the s. Hot and passionate tango rhythms sweep a few lonely people off their feet at a bar in a Finnish periphery. Through black humor, the film attempts to dissect the nature of love and discover what life tastes like.

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Quando tudo parece perdido, ele conhece uma menininha After being shot and left for dead, Rio finds himself as an old man in a dream of revenge, where he must confront his own shadow side in order to find peace. Forced to enter a professional world he has only observed from the outside, Edgar, a humble window-washer suddenly must deal with the difficult social terrain of romance, etiquette and manners. Um homem encontra uma casa em miniatura em um quarto vazio. A man finds a miniature house in an empty room.

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As he moves his hand into the house, he realizes there is a strange path inside it. A love story behind garbage. Can we trace the chain of events that leads to our own birth? In a quest for inspiration, the poet Kasper finds an unexpected connection between the bad weather, an angry dog, a careless postman and hungry goats.

O guerreiro deve superar uma mosca irritante para conquistar um estado de tranquilidade. A warrior must overcome a pesky fly in order to achieve a state of tranquility. Can he achieve his goal before he is pushed to the breaking point? A man is like a mouse trap and the city is like a small field.

Cats are being stolen by mysterious mechanical arms for nefarious purposes! One young boy races through strange streets to save his cat and reveal the mystery of Pig City. Is Felix, a teenager from Brooklyn, going to look after a dog as a favor to kindly Mr. Or will he perpetuate the neglect handed down as a family legacy? Peter is camping by the ocean with his parents, who are not getting along.

Dançando sob a lua (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

But the boy and his teddy bear discover something big, that attracts them and makes them run away. The Master of Dreams puts pillows under people to help them fall asleep more safely and comfortably. But he comes across a sleepless woman Gaspar is a lonely taxi driver who watches too much TV. He accidentally rescues a beautiful member of the resistance and goes off with her to an island that hides a mysterious zero-switch.

As she works, she grows, gets married, has children and ages. Her daughter will follow the same cycle. Enquanto trabalha, ela cresce, se casa, tem filhos e envelhece. A fugitive decides to hide in an abandoned amusement park. In order to escape from the police, he disguises himself as a duck. A daliesque daydream with a bit of the musical choreographer Busby Berkely thrown in. A cautionary tale about illegally downloading songs off the internet. A story of espionage set in a Russian rocket base during the Cold War. A group of people go ice fishing during the winter.

Excitement, intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks, leads to unpredictable consequences. In the Bagatelle Fields, Alberto Santos Dumont prepares himself for his biggest feat: becoming the first pilot to conquer the sky. A boy plants a tree. The tree is a friend to him. A turma de Hubie vai visitar a biblioteca pela primeira vez.

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Hubie sabe que vai se dar mal Rumor has it that it is a dark dungeon run by ghastly Mrs. A simple and charmful tale: darling little old ladies, shivering organists, disgruntled bell ringers and the all encompassing joy of a hot water bottle.

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Have you ever seen the little mouse which takes your canine tooth and leaves a little money under your pillow? Um conto de fadas sobre uma menininha que defendeu a honra de seu pai, desbancando Tsar e seu tio avarento. As she withdraws into herself, she discovers other skills as well. Aston feels sorry for the stones, so he decides to take care of them at his home.

His parents finally convince him to take the rocks on vacation, but now Aston feels sorry for something else Bruce, um macaco cobaia, quer muito uma banana, e mais uma, e mais uma Bruce, a test subject monkey, really wants a banana, and then another, and another How far will Bruce go to satisfy his greedy desires? Uma menina encontra por acaso uma misteriosa caixa de madeira. A small girl chances upon a mysterious box made of wood.

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  5. Inside it she finds a small puppet theatre animated by music. Capelito ajuda a libertar Trompito, um elefante prisioneiro de um circo. Capelito helps to free Trompy, an elephant held captive in a circus. Plute loves to work out in order to keep in shape. But when unexpected company offers him a sweet deal, Plute realizes how hard it is to overcome temptation. Em casa ele tenta chocar o ovo sozinho, imaginando um lindo passarinho.

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