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Thanks for your comments Sandy! My own transformation happened long before I ever heard of any 3 Principles. It happened because I had an insight that I wanted to make a lifestyle change—so I did it! Great article Jill.

This will be so inspiring for so many people who just need that nudge to keep believing x. Email Address:. A blog about healthy living!

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Jill Whalen's healthy lifestyle transformation. Or do they?

Including you! Yes you! Are you ready to create a new you?

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Know with all your heart and soul that your life is in fact changeable , even though it may feel fixed. Want to change. Until you really want to make a change—deep down in your soul—it will never happen.


As long as you… Make a real decision to change. If your decision is real, nothing can stop you. Take baby steps towards the change. You may also have to take shorter hikes before attempting the whole mountain! Tell others close to you in order to make it real and give yourself some accountability. It too, is just thought and has no meaning unless you give it some. Get right back up on the horse. When you slip back into an old pattern and you will simply notice it, laugh and start again. See the old aspect of you as dead and gone and no longer who you are or a part of your life. Congratulations, you did it!

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