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He is no angel, an Irish soldier of fortune who joined the Union ranks for cash; now a deserter, he is terrified of being caught and shot by either side. He has, therefore, been stripped of the tribal or ideological baggage that might lead an audience to take his side against the tense ladies who take him in. Siegel had a slave in his account; the story Coppola tells is different, but not necessarily whitewashed. McBurney is discovered in a neighbouring woodland by year-old Miss Amy a smart performance from Oona Laurence , and he persuades her to take him to the school.

There, the principal Martha Nicole Kidman and her subordinate Edwina Kirsten Dunst are dismayed but also moved by his plight, by the opportunity fate has offered to demonstrate Christian charity, and by the realistic conviction that the war is all but over anyway. They are not simply the playthings of repressed and contorted desire. And, of course, the conventional danger of wartime is elided with the intimate danger of a young man in his prime among women, but fascinatingly and almost romantically wounded and at their mercy, where in any other situation they might suppose themselves to be at his.

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They are not used to menfolk. The pronoun il is primly excluded from their lessons in conjugating French verbs.

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Certainly, McBurney seems to attract the poutingly precocious year-old Alicia, played by Elle Fanning. Caddish and cunning, McBurney inevitably starts trifling with the attentions of different young women. It is a recipe for disaster. There is tremendous entertainment value in the dinners and musical evenings that the women lay on for their wolfish guest. We get a glorious staircase scene, with someone actually falling down two separate flights. We get a necklace wrenched from a female neck, so that the beads roll calamitously all over the floor.

The women stand on the front steps of a dilapidated Southern plantation house, staring out at the muddy road beyond the gate, a road traversed back and forth by battered Confederate troops, heading towards or away from the fluctuating "front. The "meaning" is not explicit in the images, although you could read plenty into it if you wanted to the women are glimpsed between the iron bars of the gate, isolated from the world of men, etc.

With its title-card gigantic in a swirling pink font, like a flourishing header in the diary of a melodramatic teenage girl, "The Beguiled" is a fairy tale, where beautiful spirited women and girls—flawed and filled with contradictory impulses—are locked away from the larger world some by choice, others because they have nowhere else to go , and how a man disrupts their quiet; how much turbulence a man can bring.

Gorgeously shot by Philippe Le Sourd in his first collaboration with Coppola , "The Beguiled" lingers on its images, allows us time to settle into them. The film opens with a haunting sequence where a child of 11 Oona Laurence gathers mushrooms in a quiet wood.

Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’: Why Critics Brought Out the Knives | IndieWire

The air is shattered by distant cannon fire. She then discovers the wounded John McBurney Colin Farrell , a Union soldier who fled his regiment when the battle was at its height, an unmanly act of which he is ashamed. The child decides to take him back to the girls' school where she lives "Any men about?

The school is run by Martha Farnsworth Nicole Kidman , and there are only 5 students left, as well as the teacher, Edwina frequent Coppola collaborator Kirsten Dunst. Terrified of "their" soldiers discovering their harboring of an enemy, they lock McBurney up in the downstairs music room, and Martha, with a briskness covering up her fluttery reaction to McBurney's presence, tends to his leg wound, bathing him, the scene unfolding in a series of lovingly erotic shots of Farrell's chest, forearms, calves, neck.

Meanwhile, all through the house, the students—especially the languid Alicia Elle Fanning , a teenager but already over-ripened, flushed with need and bored out of her mind—huddle by the door, trying to get at least a brief glimpse of the HUNK lying half-clothed on the fainting couch in the dim interior.

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  4. Coppola really revels in the humor of the situation, treating it affectionately, the students suddenly appearing with pearl earrings in their ears, or dressing up, or sneaking in to give him gifts. Miss Martha looks at all of this in horror and tries to control the situation. But hormones gonna hormone.

    Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”

    Martha is completely male-phobic in the book. Coppola treats it with a lighter touch. Thomas Cullinan's novel originally titled A Painted Devil was the basis for the film, made in the same year as " Dirty Harry. Director Don Siegel said the film was about "the basic desire of women to castrate men," a pretty clear expression of male anxiety in that particular era.

    Coppola's adaptation removes quite a bit from the original source material as well as from the earlier film there's been a lot of controversy about her editing out Matilda, the slave who works at the school, but the absence of the incest sub-plot is even more radical, considering what a large role it plays in the original story.

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    In the multi-narrator book, Edwina, who forms a special bond with McBurney the problem is, he forms a special bond with each of them , muses: "Each rumble of the cannons, each swirl of smoke, was a sign of great trouble Perhaps the trouble of the wounded boy would spread and infect people far away from here. McBurney symbolizes a different thing to each one of them, and he's a shape-shifter, sometimes friendly, or flirty, sometimes polite, sometimes earnest. Farrell, a gifted and fluid actor, is perfect for this role, and it's difficult to imagine another actor pulling it off.

    You can't manufacture charm like that. Kidman and Durst are both funny and intense, tag-teaming Martha's steel-magnolia energy with Edwina's ladylike delicacy.