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Mass, there is a Mass set for p. Paul's Cathedral will be at 10 a.

Other Religions

On All Souls' Day, we're talking about all souls and asking God's mercy for them. We're talking about those people who have died before us, and their process of getting to heaven, through Christ. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us.

All Souls' Day

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For the Roman Catholic religion, the day of November 2nd was not officially approved until the 14th century. Today, throughout the Catholic religion, November 2nd stands as the day to pray for the deceased, the day after All Saints Day of November 1st. Other religions have kept their practices separate from Western Christianity.

In these countries, honoring the death is a sacred—and sometimes very lively—celebration.

The Orthodox religion does not believe in purgatory. We believe that the Father and the Son are both very much alive. The Protestant religion does not believe the place of purgatory exists.

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The religion is based on the belief that salvation comes from reading scripture and having faith while alive on Earth. The Lutheran religion does not believe in any specific intermediary place after death. Lutherans believe that through faith, grace and scripture, one will have a way to eternal life in heaven. The belief is that after death, the soul remains asleep until the final judgment day. At death, they slept peacefully until the final resurrection of the dead when they entered heaven. There is a question regarding purgatory and if a place such as this exists in the afterlife.

Commemoration of all the faithful departed, celebrated by the Church on 2 November

Depending on personal religious beliefs, the answer is yes there is such a place or no, purgatory does not exist. The belief is that through prayers, the departed souls in purgatory eventually will have eternal life in Heaven. Long before sunrise, people stream into the cemeteries laden with candles, flowers and food that is often shaped and decorated to resemble the symbols of death. Children eat tiny chocolate hearse, sugar funeral wreaths, and candy skulls and coffins.

But the atmosphere is festive.

All Souls' Day Prayer | CRS

The Day of the Dead is a popular time to see performances of the Ancient Spanish drama, Don Juan Tenorio , about a reckless lover who kills the father of a woman he tried to seduce and then erects the statue of his victim. According to this fictitious play, the statue comes alive and drags Don Juan to hell for account of his crimes.

Church bells toll and people decorate the graves of deceased family members with flowers and candles.

But this day is not an entirely solemn occasion. In Sicily the children who pray for the souls of the departed leave their shoes outside doors and windows. These shoes are then filled with gifts.

It is then packed in an oval container filled with fave dei morti beans of the dead , a type of cookie. People held festivals for the dead long before Christianity. Today the souls of the faithful departed are commemorated.