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I read this book in Submitted by Guest not verified on December 21, - pm. I read this book in elementary school about this family and a woman I think who came responding from a newspaper ad to marry the father of the family. She bonds with the two daughters. I think they had two dogs, one named Jack or maybe I'm just making things up The cover had the woman with dark hair and blue dress with the two girls who had brighter hair?

It was like a historical fiction kind of.. Sarah, Plain and Tall? Can not remember the title Submitted by Barb not verified on December 21, - pm. Two young girls, one from a wealthy home and one from a poorer home are kidnapped. They are kept in a dirt grave-like hole while the kidnapper comes and takes one away sometimes.

The story centers around the poorer girl left in the hole and the conversations she has with the other girl. In the end we find that the wealthier girl had died long before being found and the poorer girl blanked it out and continued talking to her as if she had been there the whole time. This book could be Submitted by Kate not verified on January 13, - am. Help needed Submitted by Guest not verified on December 22, - pm. Is about 9 brothers who are killed one by one until only the killer who is one of them is left.

It is a book set way back Submitted by Haylestorm not verified on December 22, - pm.

Act Like You Love Me

It is a book set way back before any sort of technology, im talking people living in huts. A girl is in love with a boy in her village named Samik, but she gets arranged to marry his brother instead. Both the brothers love her and she ends up bearing both their children and then one of them dies somehow. Can't seem to find the title Submitted by Hamour not verified on December 22, - pm. Hello i've been looking for this book but i can't find it and problem is i don't remember much about it do i appreciate your helping so it is about a hero who loses his wife to fire or something and has a one night stand with heroine on rebound and then leaves town leaving heroine pregnant and after some time he comes back to reclaim his inheritance and face his demons i think it is kind of about a ranch or something thanks for help :.

Book about a madman who kidnaps girls Submitted by Dori not verified on December 22, - pm. I read this book around -- it was made into a movie in the s. A young woman is kidnapped by a man who takes her to his home in the woods. The young woman finds a way to escape but realizes a young girl is trapped in the basement so she stays behind to save the young girl.

The woman who has had a hard life when in trouble repeats her name and "alive and well.

The Accidental Series

I believe it is a one word title. Is it Intensity by Dean Koontz - it was also turned into a tv movie in with the same name. Sketchy details Submitted by Holly not verified on December 23, - am. A trilogy I think based on two warring families where a son and daughter marry but it isn't happy she might be kept in a tower and they produce a son who has a scandi-sounding name beginning with 'S'.

Fairly sure he dies in an uprising near the end. I think a character called Simon gets eaten by a blind pig-type character while his o brothers lie really still to avoid detection. I also remember a glass column being important at the start.

Act Like You Love Me (Accidentally in Love, #2) by Cindi Madsen

Sorry, these details might be Submitted by Guest not verified on December 23, - am. Sorry, these details might be a little sketchy. I read this book in about fifth grade for a reading book. The yellow raft flips over and the younger boy takes his older brother into the beach. The younger brother then cuts the yellow raft to write SOS.

Then they both get saved and I believe the younger boy gets honored with a medal or something. It was something his older brother got. Name of book Submitted by Melissa Little not verified on December 23, - pm. What is the name of romance book where a sister is blackmailed into marriage because she thinks her brother killed some horses? Blackmailers had a video of the killings. Please help Submitted by Marissa not verified on December 24, - pm.

The book that I'm trying to find is fictional. There was a couple named Jack and Christina who had a daughter can't remember her name and split up. They lived in New York City but once separating, Jack got remarried to a woman who lives in Australia and moved there. She had a daughter the same age as Jack's daughter I think her name was Lucy. Jack and his new wife have a baby, Jack's daughter goes to visit them and feels like Jack has this whole new family with no room for her so she's horrible to everyone there, then she and her step sister run away together to I believe Melburn which is where the step sister's grandmother lives.

They then come back home and everyone has a family reunion. I think this is The Steps by Rachel Cohn! Help me find this book Submitted by Z. It is fantasy or science fiction book, it is a series but I cannot remember the names. The book starts in a big city, modern times. The world then basically goes dark and people start to change. The hero of the book finds a sword, and his sister starts to turn blue and they leave the city.

This is all I can remember. Please help me find this book Submitted by Nesha not verified on December 24, - pm. Hello, I read a book before and it was on Ibook for iPhones.

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For some reason, I cannot remember the name or the author. This story was about a young girl who comes from a Christian family and I believe she comes to a town for summer.

During the summer break, she meets a guy and they develop feelings for each other. The girl and the guy get really close and he also meets her family too. Eventually, when the girl has to go back home, the guy wants to go with her but her father tells him that he should wait to see if he gets a sign from god. Eventually, he does and moves up to be with her and then they get married. I cannot remember the name or author. I started reading this book and I want to finish it Submitted by Antonia not verified on December 26, - pm.

I barely started reading this book before my friend lost it, please forgive my lack of details. The story starts off about a serial killer explaining why he kills teenage girls often on a trail where they go running. He is a teacher at the school so he chooses them there. He kills them just because they're easy or because they have something he desires.

Wedding Violet

A young blonde teen is his next target because he loves her golden shaded hair. She is running down the trail when he tries to kill her, tasting her hair and moaning at one point, but she gets away.

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A friend of hers happens to be driving by as she starts to run away and she gets away because he gave her a ride. That's only the beginning of the book. Title Quest success! Submitted by Gwen Glazer on August 2, - pm. We think this book is Heartstopper by Joy Fielding! I read a story long back.. I read a story long back Seems there was a girl who got lost or something and ended up in a cave of sorts. She met all four seasons who were brothers and they rarely met. One of them brought back news from the Phoenix who had made a hole in a leaf as greeting.

Not sure when this book was published. I read it in the early 80s. Can't remember name or author. I believe it had a yellow cover. It was about a girl named Claire.